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Staub Cranial.
Staub Cranial.

Like a classical quartet where musical precision is required, tooth alignment cannot be placed in a haphazard fashion.

Staub CranialThe Staub™ Cranial System from BonaDent, gives you a mathematical approach identifying the proper position of a patient’s lost dentition to a proven 95 percent accuracy.

This technique uses anatomical reference points to customize and personalize the anterior and posterior position to the individual patient.

Staub CranialOur certified Staub Cranial technicians take measurements of anatomically stable landmarks on the master model and enter them into a computer program to produce a patient-specific dental map. This map, along with three specially designed instruments, enables us to properly mount your models without the use of a bite registration.

Staub™ Cranial system can be used to manufacture accurate dentures, esthetically correct diagnostic wax-ups, stints for implant placement or splints for neuromuscular therapy.

Increase your profits and virtually eliminate resets by prescribing the Staub Cranial Denture from BonaDent today!

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