Sheer Veneers™.
4 day in-lab turnaround!
Sheer Veneers™.

With BonaDent Sheer Veneers, you're not just choosing a great product, you're choosing a great partner with resources that can help simplify and satisfy your practice's most pressing needs.

Highly esthetic Sheer Veneers simplify color control and shade matching to surrounding dentition. Sheer Veneers are more than twice as strong as traditional veneers, can be fabricated as thin as .2 to .3 mm, depending on treatment plan, and are ideal for cosmetic improvements such as closing diastemas and changing shades or position.

BonaDent will work closely with you from treatment planning to delivery to ensure consistent and predictable results. Prescribe Sheer Veneers today or call us at 800.732.6222 to learn more about BonaDent's predictable solutions.