Capital Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal.
5 day in-lab turnaround!
Capital PFMs.

While metal-free restorations are increasing in popularity, porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) options remain tried-and-true choices for restorative success based on their strength and esthetics. To ensure a high degree of marginal integrity and consistency in PFM substructures, BonaDent utilizes digital design technology. This achieves greater accuracy even before our ceramists add layers of artistic porcelain, guaranteeing final results that continually exceed your expectations.

Our PFMs come in three levels:

  • Capital PFM - includes Jensen's JP-5 noble alloy - ideal for any type of restoration from single units to long-span bridges 
    Composition: Pd 53.5% Ag 37.5% Sn 8.5%
  • Capital High White - includes Jensen's Security high noble alloy that is strong and possesses a grain size that eliminates marginal flaking
    Composition: Au 40% Pd 40% Ag 9% In 6% Zn 3% Sn 2%
  • Capital High Yellow - includes Jensen's Classic IV high noble 88% gold alloy with a deep yellow color that polishes to a beautiful luster 
    Composition: Au 88% Pt 9.5% In 1.5%

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