Capital Zi Esthetic™.
3 day in-lab turnaround!
Capital Zi Esthetic.

If a combination of layered ceramic's beauty and zirconia's strength are what your patient's case requires, then you can truly provide the best of both worlds with our Capital Zi Esthetic crowns and bridges. Zirconia substructures from our digital design and manufacturing department ensure consistency, and give our ceramists more flexibility when building porcelain onto substructures. This means that Capital Zi Esthetic restorations demonstrate remarkable marginal accuracy, superior esthetics, and life-like translucency.

Our Capital Zi Esthetic layered zirconia options:

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Rival the strength of P.F.M.'s
  • Conventionally cemented
  • 3-Day In-Lab Turnaround

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