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Frank Belle, CDT, Fixed Department Team Manager
Frank Belle, CDT,
Fixed Department Team Manager
Frank, a Seneca Falls native, has been with BonaDent for 30 years. Frank has applied his extensive training, industry knowledge, and exceptional qualifications to countless cases as a senior member of the BonaDent team. A graduate of the prestigious L.D. Pankey Institute, he provides particular expertise to customers regarding their implant-supported restorations, having undertaken such skills enhancement opportunities as the 3i Synergy Training Program, Nobelguide Laboratory Training, APM Sterngold Training, Nobel Biocare Training, and Precision Attachment Training with Jim Edelson, among others. Frank has been married to his wife Debbie just as long as he has been married to BonaDent; Debbie is Manager of BonaDent’s Shipping & Receiving Department.
Scott Johnson, CDT, Fixed Department Team Manager
Scott Johnson, CDT,
Fixed Department Team Manager
Born and raised in Seneca Falls NY, Scott has been a trusted member of the BonaDent Team for over 20 years. After graduating from Cortland University, he began his training in the dental field with such renowned leaders as Willi Geller, Matt Roberts, Tom Trinkner, Lee Culp and Gerard Chiche. Scott is a graduate of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, trained by the Dawson Center, and has completed the IPS Classic Masters Training and the Occlusal Compass Waxing Course. BonaDent customers have come to rely on Scott’s exceptional credentials as assurance of the technical skills and artistry with which their cases are handled. He and his wife Cathy, who works in BonaDent’s Finance Department, have one son, Jaren.
Mike Alessio, Fixed Department Team Manager
Mike Alessio,
Fixed Department Team Manager
Mike has worked with BonaDent for over 14 years, cultivating customer confidence in our esthetic and functional restorations (including implant-supported systems). Mike has learned from some of the industry’s best: Tom Trinkner, Willie Geller, Matt Roberts, Lee Culp, and Gerard Chiche, and educational clinics with such leaders as Larry Rosenthal, Ross Nash, and Bill Dickerson. From Dental Boot Kamp to PTC Verification 2000 with John Ness, Mike brings a great deal of expertise to every BonaDent case he works on. Mike is another member of the BonaDent Team who is a fitness enthusiast. As a three-time IronMan, he enjoys participating in marathons, triathlons and IronMan competitions throughout the East.
Pat Rector, CDT , Fixed Department Team Manager
Pat Rector, CDT,
Fixed Department Team Manager
Pat has been perfecting his ceramic abilities for over 20 years. A part of the BonaDent team since 2000 and the former Director of Education, Pat's passion for esthetic excellence has been instrumental in bringing our ceramic department to a higher level of performance. Pat is a graduate of the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. He has been a member of the AACD and has participated in 'Live Patient" courses with Dr. Tom Trinkner, Matt Roberts, Brad Jones and Dr. Jeff Burns. He's also worked with such luminaries as Lee Culp, Gerard Chiche, John Kanca, John Kois and Frank Spear. Pat and his wife Pam have 2 children, Trevor and Emma.
Mario Agnello, Fixed Department Team Manager
Mario Agnello,
Fixed Department Team Manager
Mario has been in the customer service business for most of his life. Before joining BonaDent, Mario managed Smith & Jones, a home appliance store in historic downtown Seneca Falls. Mario began his dental lab training with Gerard Chiche, Tom Trinkner, and Jack Shirley, among other leaders in esthetic dentistry. Not only does he strive for esthetic excellence, but having participated in educational opportunities with such experts as John Kois, John Kanca, Nasser Barghi, and Vinnie Aleluah, he also endeavors to create restorations that demonstrate superior function. Mario and his wife Denise have two grown children, Marcus and Marie. In his downtime Mario enjoys listening to music and playing his guitar.